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General Notice

Terminology applicable to these specific Terms and Conditions, as well as any and all Agreements based thereupon, is as follows:- “The Customer”, “Your” and “You” refers directly to you, as the individual making use of this website, and the individual who accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Yoga In The Alps shall henceforth be referred to as “Company”, “Website”, “Us” and “We”.

The purpose of this document is to outline and govern the relationship between you and us. Your use of and access to this website, as well as the services and products it offers (known collectively as the “Services”) is subject to the notices, terms and conditions detailed below (known collectively as the “Terms of Service”). Your use of the Services constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Service, which may from time to time be updated by us as needs dictate.

We provide access to this website on a temporary basis. Our right to amend or withdraw the Services at any time without notice is reserved. We cannot be held liable for the unavailability of this website for any period, at any time. Links to external websites not operated by Yoga In The Alps may appear on this website (known as “Linked Sites”). We have no control over the content or function of Linked Sites, and as such cannot accept responsibility for any damage or losses incurred by your usage of them. Any usage you make of Linked Sites is subject to the terms of service provided by each individual Linked Site.


You agree not to misuse or conduct malicious activity on this Website. Without limitation, you are prohibited from committing or encouraging any criminal offense; distributing or transmitting worms, viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs or other malicious or harmful computer programs or coding; distributing or transmitting material which is deemed obscene or offensive; distributing or transmitting confidential data; hacking or interrupting the Service in any manner; deliberately corrupting data; causing annoyance or disruption to other users; committing any manner of intellectual property theft; transmitting or distributing unsolicited advertisements or other promotional materials that would constitute ‘spam’; or attempting to affect the functionality or performance of any computer hardware or software belonging to or accessed via this website.

Breaching these provisions is an offense in the eyes of the law, and it is the right and obligation of Yoga In The Alps to report breaches to law enforcement agencies. If we deem such reporting necessary, we have the right to divulge your identity as part of the report.

Payment Terms

We charge 50% amount immediately upon booking, and the remaining 50% payment is collected 30 days after the booking.
You confirm and agree that you will pay us the deposit (and remaining fee), along with any other relevant fees specified elsewhere within this agreement or detailed on order forms. The payment obligations detailed by this agreement cannot be canceled, and all fees paid cannot be refunded. You undertake to provide us with valid credit or debit card information, and to keep this information up to date during the payment period, and/or provide us with an alternative form of payment acceptable to us. When providing credit card details, you confirm that you are an authorized user of the card, and you provide authorization to us to charge all required payments against the card. When submitting payment information to us, you authorize us to relay the information to third parties in order to facilitate the payment process. You confirm that you will verify any information we request for the purposes of competing or acknowledging the payment.

Payment Errors

If it is your belief that a payment has been processed or taken in error, we must be provided with written notice of this within 30 days of the payment date, with specific detail of both the error and the amount disputed. If we do not receive notice within 30 days of any alleged error, any payments we have received shall be deemed as final.

Cancellations or Amendments by us

We retain the right to make amendments and alterations to website and brochure details both before and after confirmation of bookings. In the event of amendment being made, we will seek to advise you as soon as possible.
In the event of major alterations or amendments being required, you have the option to either accept the amendment, or cancel your transaction. If you cancel, you will receive a full refund. We will pay no compensation in addition to the refund.
In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary for us to cancel after confirmation. Should this occur, you will receive a full refund, or if requested by you we will seek to find an alternative option of the same value for you. We do not accept any legal liability, and will not pay compensation.

Very occasionally, we may be forced to end your holiday prematurely, after the departure date, where circumstances amounting to an ‘Act of God’ as previously described occur. Such circumstances are rare, and should they occur we regret that we cannot make any refunds unless a supplier makes them available, and are also unable to meet any expenses or costs you incur as a result, nor pay any compensation.

Our cancellation policies are described below:
If you request cancellations within 60 days before arrival, we will offer a full refund, minus a small booking fee of €150. In case the cancellation requests are posted within 30 days before arrival, you will receive a 50% refund.
On the other hand, the cancellations within 14 days before arrival will result into 20% refund of cost.
Cancellations less than 14 days before arrival or no-show will automatically considered as non-refundable.

Lost and stolen Property

A client who fails to properly securing the exits upon leaving the place will be held liable for any loss, damage or theft that occurs as a result of their negligence.
We will not be held liable for any loss or theft of personal items from any of our premises or vehicles. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the security of your personal items, we are unable to offer a 100% guarantee.

Acts of God

Regretfully, we are unable to accept liability or pay restitution in circumstances where the execution of our contractual obligations is impeded, prevented or otherwise impacted by ‘acts of God’. For clarity, ‘acts of God’ are deemed as any eventualities which either we or the service supplier could not possibly have foreseen or avoided. Such events include, without limitation, war (or the threat of), riots, political or civil unrest, acts of terrorism, industrial disputes, nuclear disaster, natural disaster, technical disaster, volcano eruption or volcanic ash disruption, plague and epidemic.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions may affect your booking sessions. Some of the activities during the retreat may happen on mountains and other places and weather conditions play an important role. We will organize the activities on the desired days only if the weather conditions are appropriate. If we suspect that weather conditions are not appropriate, we might reschedule the activities. If it is not possible to reschedule, we will cancel the activities.


Holding valid personal insurance is a condition of your booking with us. We do not provide any travel, sports or other insurance to our customers. Ensuring that you have the right cover for any potential accident, mishap or illness that occurs during your holiday – including travel both to and from your resort – is your own responsibility. We also advise that you should obtain adequate cover for your personal items. The user also understands that passport, visa and immigration requirements are managed by them, and we do not offer these services.

We will not be held liable, nor pay any compensation, in the event of any injuries, deaths, losses, damages, costs or any other manner of claims if they arise due to the acts or omissions of the person or persons affected, or the acts or omissions of third parties unaffiliated with the service provisions covered within and defined by these terms if they were unavoidable or unforeseeable , or unforeseeable or unusual circumstances which are beyond the control of us or our suppliers, resulting in consequences that could not have been avoided regardless of all due care.

General Terms of Sale

When booking with us, you are making an offer to purchase a service subject to terms and conditions as follows:
To enter into contract with us, you must be 18 years of age or older, and in possession of a valid debit or credit card from one of our approved banks. Accepted orders will be confirmed by email.
Where contracts are agreed with third parties, Yoga In The Alps does not act as agent nor principal, and any contract agreed between the third party and yourself is subject to the third party’s own terms of sale. By booking a retreat with us, you verify that all information you provide to us is accurate, and that you hold authorization to use the debit or credit card information provided. You also verify that sufficient balance is held on the card to complete the purchase of the goods.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights pertaining to content (including images) and software available through the use of this Website remain with Yoga In The Alps or licensors thereof, and are protected by global copyright treaties and laws. We reserve these rights. Permission is granted to you for storage, printing and display of the content for personal use, by you, only. You are prohibited from publishing, distributing, manipulating or otherwise reproducing the content of this website in any format for any purpose. You are prohibited from using the content for business or professional purposes.

Liabilities and Disclaimers

All material displayed by this website is not covered by any warranty, conditions or guarantee regarding its accuracy. Unless express statement is provided to the contrary, and to the maximum degree that the law permits, Yoga In The Alps and all associated content providers, advertisers and suppliers hereby expressly and completely exclude without limitation all warranties, conditions and/or other terms that might otherwise be implied by the legislation, or the regulations of equity, and disclaim liabilities for damages, including but not limited to indirect, direct, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages, damages for loss of profit, loss of data, loss of use or other intangibles, damages to reputation or goodwill, procurement cost for alternative services or goods necessitated by or related to the inability to use, use of, failures or other performance of this website or any Linked Sites and material posted thereupon, regardless of whether any such damages were foreseeable or arose in equity, tort, contract, restitution, at common law, by statute or otherwise.

Third Party Copyright Disclaimer

Unless specifically and expressly stated otherwise, details of all persons (including likeness and name), third party trademarks, locations, services and content featured upon this website are not in any way associated, affiliated or linked with Yoga In The Alps, and no reliance should be formed by you upon the potential existence of any such connection. Names and trademarks featured on the website remain the property of their respective owners. Where brand names or trademarks are used, this is done only to identify or describe the service or product, and should not be construed as connection to endorsement from Yoga In The Alps.


You accept and agree that you will indemnify, hold harmless and defend us and all directors and officers, consultants, employees, affiliates and agents thereof from any third party claim, damages, costs (including, without limitation, legal fees) or any other liability that may arise from your use of the website, or breach by you of these Terms of Service.


We retain, in absolute discretion, the right to vary, alter, remove or add to any part of the website or the Services at any time, and without notice.

If any part of these Terms of Service are deemed to be unenforceable (including, without limitation, provisions in which our liability to you is excluded), the enforceability of all other parts will remain unaffected, with all clauses therein staying in full effect. In so far as is permissible, where any clause or sub clause, or a part of any clause or sub clause can be excised to render the remaining text valid, then the clause shall be interpreted in this manner. You also agree that clauses shall be interpreted and rectified in a manner that honors the original intent of the clause or sub clause, as the law permits.